Questions for “The Bluest Eyes”

1.Extemporized- perform something without preparation.
2.Unabashed- not embarrassed or ashamed
3.Genuflected- To lower one’s body by bending their leg
4.Gelid- extremely cold
5.Inviolable- not capable of being violated or infringed
6.Surfeit- eating until excessively full
7.Epiphany- a divine manifestation
8.Macabre- Shockingly repellent


1.The author describees Mrs.Macteer’s personality by using winter, because she’s trying to say that mrs MacTeer have really cold and harsh personality just like the season itself.
2.Pecola was bullied by a group of boys who circled her after school and were chanting insultes at her were trying to stone her. They were harassing her about her color skin and her family just because her life was worse than theirs.
3. Maureen Peal was the new girl at the school who became popular real fast, she was adored by her teachers and loved by her peers.Her encounter with Pecola wasn’t a good one, because she ended up arguing with Pecola and harassing her like other kids at school. She even called Pecola ugly and acted like she was more superior than her when it came to beauty.
4.Claudia and frieda also felt like they were inferior to Maureen when it came to beauty. “If she was cute- and if anything could be believed, she was- then we were NOT”- Claudia.
5.The MacTeer Sisters were not happy when they saw the prostitutes in their house.They hated the prostitutes as much as their mother and grandmother, and just seeing them in their house made them really mad and irritated.
7.Geraldine is junior’s mother, but act rather than a maid to him than mother.She takes care of him, but he doesn’t show him any love or affection a mother should.Rather, she shows more love to the cat than her own son.Which made Junior hate the cat for having his mother’s love instead of him.
8.Junior treated Pecola in a rude way, and pinned the death of the cat on her. His mother treats Pecola like a worthless thing and yelled at her without asking qustions.Pecola


I think this story, was really touching and emotional. You can almost hear the sadness in the voice and tone the speakers are speaking in. You could tell that Martin Luther King was someone who really influenced them in a great way that his death shocked and bought sorrow to them. The speaker remembers the day he gave one of his famous speeches.I only chose this story, because i wanted to hear from the people, who really saw Martin Luther King when he was alive and heard his famous speech.

English 2*-Merchant of Venice – Discussion Questions

ACT I: 1-3 Study Questions
1. What causes do Salerio and Solanio suggest for Antonio’s melancholy?

They thought that he was sad, because all his money was invested in argosies (merchant ships), and at any time, those ships could be wrecked or that Antonio is in love.

2. What humorous advice does Gratiano offer Antonio?

Gratiano tells Antonio not to be so serious about worldly affairs, but rather “With mirth and laughter let old wrinkles come,/…Why should a man whose blood is warm within/ Sit like his grandsire…/…And creep into the jaundice/ By being peevish?”.

3. Why does Bassanio want Antonio to loan him more money?

So that he can marry the wealthy Portia and become very rich so that he can pay him back.

4. Why is Portia angry with her deceased father?

Portia’s father stipulated in his will about how his daughter may marry; her suitors must pick from three caskets of gold, silver, and lead, and whoever picks the one that have Portia’s portrait may marry her. Portia is depressed ,because she can’t pick who she wants to marry, or decide who she doesn’t want to marry.she was also dissapointed by the suitors who came for her hand.she says, “I may neither choose who I would nor refuse who I dislike, so is the will of a living daughter curbed by the will of a dead father.”

5. Why does Nerissa tell Portia she “need not fear” her unwelcome suitors?

6. What do Portia and Nerissa think of Bassanio?

Nerissa thinks that Bassanio, “of all the men that ever [her] foolish eyes looked upon, was the best deserving a fair lady. Portia aslos thinks the same and truly believes that he is the one.

7. According to Shylock, why does he hate Antonio?

Shylock hate Antonio because “he is a Christian; But more, for in that low simplicity; He lends out money gratis, and brings down The rate of usance here with us in Venice.” He also remembers when antonio spat in his face in public once.
8. Why is Shylock indignant over Antonio’s request?

Shylock believes that Antonio is a hypocrite, becuase he wa slaways against his practice.But Now, He is asking him for a loan.

9. What is Antonio’s response to Shylock’s accusation?

“If thou wilt lend this money, lend it not/ As to thy friends…/ But lend it rather to thine enemy,/ Who if he break, thou mayst with better face/ Exact the penalty.”

10. In exchange for what does Shylock agree to lend Antonio and Bassanio the money?

Shylock makes Antonio sign a bond stating that, if he doesn’t repay Shylock back on time, then he must sacrifice “an equal pound/ Of [his] fair flesh, to be cut off and taken/ In what part of [his] body pleaseth [Shylock].”

ACT II: 1-9 Study Questions
1. Why does Morocco fear Portia will reject him at the outset?

Morocco is scared that Portia would not want to marry him, becuase of his race.

2. What is Bassanio’s reservation about Gratiano accompanying him to Belmont?

Bassanio thinks that Gratiano will act “too wild, too rude, and bold of voice” for the people of Belmont.

3. What is Jessica’s dilemma concerning her father, Shylock?

She believes taht it’s a serious sin to be ashamed to be shylock’s daughter, but then again she wishes she was christian so that she can marry her lover.

4. How does Lorenzo plan to disguise Jessica in order for her to escape from her father?

As Lorenzo’s torchbearer for the street festivities.

5. Before going to dine with Antonio and Bassanio, what advice does Shylock give his daughter?

that if she hears any commotion outside, she should not look outside to look at Christian fools, But to no Let any of their noises enter his house.

6. Why does Jessica not want Lorenzo to see her when he arrives at Shylock’s house?

she is ashamed because she has been transformed to a boy in order to make her escape.

7. What is Morocco’s rationale for choosing the gold casket?

The gold casket is engraved “Who chooseth me shall gain what many men desire.” Morocco says, “All the world desires [Portia];/ From the four corners of the earth they come/ To kiss this shrine, this mortal breathing saint.”

8. What news has Salerio heard, making him anxious?

He heard that a Venetian ship has been wrecked in the English Channel, and Salerio fears it may be one of Antonio’s ships.

9. How does Solanio interpret Antonio’s sadness at Bassanio’s departure?

he believes that Antonio’s friendship with Bassanio is the only thing which keeps Antonio from being overwhelmed with depression and sadness.

10. Which casket does Aragon choose, and why?

Aragon selects the silver casket. The casket is engraved “Who chooseth me shall get as much as he deserves,” Aragon asks, “who shall go about/ To cozen fortune, and be honorable/ Without the stamp of merit? Let none presume/ To wear an undeserved dignity.” Aragon thinks that whoever wins Portia had to be deserving of her.

ACT III: 1-5 Study Questions
1. Why, since it won’t result in any financial gain, does Shylock insist on the terms of his bond
with Antonio?

In order to have his revenge and let out all the nager he had against him for years.

2. What news does Tubal bring Shylock?

Tubal tells Shylock that one of Antonio’s ships has been wrecked “coming from Tripolis” and that his daughter has spent a lot of his money.

3. Why does Portia want Bassanio to wait before facing the challenge of the three caskets?

She was afraid that Bassanio will fail, but since she wanted his company so much , she wanted to spend as much time with him as possible.

4. Why does Bassanio select the lead casket?

Bassanio didn’t trust that the better looking and expensive caskets had his “treasure”. As he makes his choice, “But thou, thou meager lead/ Which rather threaten’st than dost promise ought,/ Thy paleness moves me more to eloquence;/ And here choose I.”

5. What does the lead casket contain?

Portia’s portrait and a scroll.

6. What does Portia claim will occur if Bassanio gives up the ring she gives him?

“part from, lose, or give away [Portia’s ring],/ …it [will] presage the ruins of [his] love.”

7. What does Gratiano reveal after Bassanio solves the riddle of the three caskets?

He announces that he and Nerissa wants to marry.

8. Why does Portia allow Bassanio to leave before they get married?

Antonio wanted to see Bassanio, before he is killed.

9. According to Antonio, why won’t the Duke be able to intercede on his behalf?

“The Duke cannot deny the course of the law;/ For the commodity that strangers have/ …in Venice, if it be denied,/ Will much impede the justice of the state.”

10. What does Portia decide to do at the end of Act III?

She decides that she and Nerissa must go to Venice disguised as men, to help resolve the situation there.

ACT IV: 1-2 Study Questions
1. What does the Duke request of Shylock?

he asks Shylock to consider Antonio’s financial problems and not only accept the money in replacement of the pound of flesh, but to also reduce the amount of the debt.

2. What reason does Shylock give for his wanting the pound of Antonio’s flesh?

give no reason, nor will [he] not,/ More than a lodged hate and a certain loathing/ [He] bear[s] Antonio…”

3. Why does Antonio advise his friends to give up attempting to dissuade Shylock?

Antonio believes that Shylock cannot be reasoned with, due to his stubbornness.

4. Why does Shylock believe the Duke must enforce the terms of the bond?

He thinks that the Duke must uphold the terms of the bond, otherwise all Venetian law will be see as useless and will be rediculed.

5. Why does Portia, disguised as the lawyer, initially conclude that Shylock’s bond must be
adhered to?

“no power in Venice/ Can alter a device established,”.Shylock’s bond has has been violated, so the terms cannot change.

6. Although she acknowledges Shylock’s right to a pound of Antonio’s flesh, how does Portia
prevent the usurer from acting on it?

She will allow Shylocks to take his pound of flesh, but, she shall not make a single jot of christian blood drop, all he shall pay the consequences.

7. Why is Shylock stripped of his possessions?

because, under the venetian law, any person that “by direct or indirect attempts…seek[s] the life of any citizen…” must pay by giving away their goods or possesions to the state of Venice.

8. Apart from the financial conditions, what does Antonio’s new arrangement demand of

Shylock must become a christian.

9. What does the disguised Portia demand from Bassanio for her services?

Bassanio’s gloves and his ring.

10. Why is Bassanio reluctant to give up the ring?

Bassanio promised Portia that he will only take off only when if he ever stop loving her only.

ACT V: 1 Study Questions
1. What message does Stephano deliver to Lorenzo and Jessica?

Portia “will before the break of day/ Be here at Belmont. She doth stray about/ By holy crosses where she kneels and prays/ For happy wedlock hours.”

2. What opinion does Lorenzo hold of men who don’t like music?

Lorenzo thinks that “The man that hath no music in himself,/ Nor is not moved with concord of sweet sounds,/ Is fit for treasons, stratagems, and spoils” and is thus not to be trusted.

3. What does Portia order her household not to do?

Portia orders her household not reveal that she and Nerissa have been away from home.

4. To whom does Nerissa claim to believe Gratiano gave his ring?

she suspects him of giving it to a woman.

5. What does Portia threaten when Bassanio admits he gave the ring away?

She swore that she will never sleep with bassanio until she sees the ring again!
6. What does Portia claim she will do if she encounters the doctor to whom Bassanio gave the

She will sleep with him and give all herself to him.

7. How does Antonio attempt to placate Portia?

8. What does Portia offer Bassanio to seal the new promise?

Portia offers the same ring she gave Bassanio before, and lied that she got it back by sleeping with the doctor.

9. What secret does Portia reveal to the company?

Portia reveals that she and Nerissa were the doctor and his clerk.

10. What good news does Portia tell Antonio?

Portia gives Antonio a letter which reveales that three of his ships hass sucessfully reach harbor.


Period*: 3-4
Month of the book*: October
Title of the book*: KYRA & JASON
Author of the book*:Dana Davidson

What do you think was the author’s purpose in writing this book?*

I that the author’s purpose in writing this book was to entertain its audience of young teens and to also teach them some morals. The book portrays teenagers going through the reality of high school and relationships.I personally think that the author did a great job. i recommended this book to my cousin and she loved it too so, i think that anybody else that reads it will like it too 🙂
Rate of the book from 1-10*: 9

The Spice Trade

1.The spice trade is a commercial activity of ancient origin which involves the merchandising of spices, incense, herbs, drugs and opium.

2.During this period a city-state, Venice, ruled the trade in Mediterranean. The flow of spice trade between Europe and the East passed through Venice. It had agreements with Arabs to control the spice trade. Venice grew rich but the rest of Europe had the balance of payment crises.

Venice and Milan

1.During the late thirteenth century, Venice was the most prosperous city in all of Europe. At the peak of its power and wealth, it had 36,000 sailors operating 3,300 ships, dominating the Mediterranean commerce.

2.The city was governed by the Great Council.The Great Council were members of the most influential families in Venice. They appointed all public officials and elected a Senate of 200 to 300 individuals. The Senate chose the Council of Ten, a secretive group which held the utmost power in the administration of the city. One member of the great council was elected the ‘doge,’ or duke, the ceremonial head of the city.

3. The head of the City-State was called the ‘doge’ or duke.The venitian Duke rule for life under a system of constitutional monarchy.

4.In the late 15th century, in an effort to reduce the troublesome power of his in-laws and enemies, the royal family of Naples, Ludovico promised King Charles VIII of France free passage through Milan and into Naples. The French invasion of 1494 might have failed, but in 1499 another French expedition moved into Italy led by the new king, Louis XII. The French betrayed Ludovico and took Milan, moving from there into many other areas of Italy. The glory of the Milanese court crumbled under French control.

Researching Shakespeare’s Venice

1. the renaissance period was from 1400 to the begining of the 1600’s. It was the rebirth of humanism, and the revival of cultural achievements in all forms of art, including music.The word “Renaissance” can or is defined as a “rebirth”or a “reconstruction”.
2. The renaissance began in beginning in Florence, Italy and later spread to the rest of Europe.
3.The most powerful city-states were Florence, The Papal States (centered in Rome), Venice, and Milan.
4. The most prominent feature of the Renaissance was the advancement of the arts, and the advancement of new techniques and styles.
5. The end of The Italian Renaissance started when the French invaded a part of Italy and Italy was occupied by the presence of foreign powers wanting pieces of the Italian peninsula.The church also started losing its power over the country. Finally, in 1527, foreign occupation climaxed with the sack of Rome and the Renaissance collapsed under the domination of the Holy Roman Emperor, Charles V.

Essential Questions

1. i think to be just means to be sure or to be true to yourself in some way; to be truthful.
2.To be merciful means to have mercy, to forgive, to let go. can forgive but you can’t forget, you can give justice, but in some way you’ll be wrong.the act commited can always be repeated again.
4. The issues of race/gender/religion discussed in shakespeare still relate to life issues today. People are still racist, judgemental of one another,religion also put a barrier between people, and people just won’t let their differences aside and be one.

THE ODYSSEY- from Calypso’s point of view

I am the daughter of the Titan Atlas am a nymph of the island of Ogygia. I am the beautiful Calypso whose beauty compares to no mortal. I have a weakness for men. I live on an island with no men but women. I am calypso the beautiful goddess. When most people, hear the story of Odysseus, they think of me as a whore, a manipulative whore!!! But I will tell you the side of my story.
On one sunny day, while enjoying myself on my island, a ship washed upon my shores. Now it was really rare to see ships or MEN come to my island or even close to it. There were only females on my island. Since it was a custom to welcome and threat all visitors or even strangers as if they were gods, I welcomed Odysseus and his men to my island. We offered them our hospitality and gave them everything they needed; but his men were such fools!! They were enjoying themselves so much. Day and night, they would drink, eat, feast with my maidens and had all the fun they wanted. They didn’t care of have any worry in the world.
For years I had never laid with men. At first, I kept trying to seduce Odysseus, but he kept refusing; he kept saying that he was married and wanted to be faithful to his wife. I was appalled and angry that he refused me. I was the most beautiful of all; no men have ever dared to refuse me and even promising him an immortal life didn’t help. He still refused. I was too ashamed, but I later admitted failure. I stopped chasing after him. But little did I know that he was also attracted to me, he started chasing after me and pleading me to be his women. So, I gave in, after all like I said I have a weakness for men. Odysseus and his men enjoyed themselves so much for what they thought was 7 days , was actually 7 seven years!!!! I know that don’t sound believable, but time on Ogygia island was very different from the mortal world’s.
I’ve had so many men in my life but Odysseus was the first to move my heart. Odysseus was different and I was falling for him. I was having the time of my life. Until one morning, out of nowhere he decided to go home. I asked “Home? What home? What about us? There’s no us or will ever be us. I want to go home to my wife and son. He said” Never in my life has a men ever refused me, but to also used me and decide to dispose of me the way he did, I can never put up with it. Odysseus was different all right!!!
Even though he was with the most beautiful and fairest of them all, he still wanted to leave. For, he longed for his home. He longed for his wife whose beauty or power does not even compare to mine. I promised him immortal life, but even that couldn’t stop him from leaving. After all these years, he still yearned for his wife…. No!!! It can’t be. Never!!! I am a goddess, she’s a mortal, and I can never be defeated…. at least not by her. I am the goddess Calypso the most beautiful of them all daughter of the great Titan Atlas.
So, I guess in my jealousy rage I might have drugged Odysseus and his men to stay on my island. But, you must understand, that was the first time I had fallen in love with a men, it made me so mad that all along he was just pretending to love me. I later released him and helped him, ONLY because of the LOVE I once had for him. So, anyway that’s all I wanted to clear up. Odysseus must have lied to make he look like a faithful husband and I nothing but a whore!!!

The lady with the pet dog by Joyce Carol Oates.

1- I like Oates’ version of the story better, because it’s from the women point of view and it explains the story better form her perspective.The point of retelling the story was to show the readers the women side of the story.

2-Anna and her lover drawn to each other, because of the attraction between them, their weakness for adultery and maybe it was real love.In the story we also learn that Anna and her lover are not happy in each of their marriages, therefore, it shows and gives a great reason why they started their love affair.

3-Anna is unhappy about the affair in Nantucket, because she felt disgusted with herself and that everything she was doing was wrong and she hated even more because she kept doing it.She felt a great shame and she wanted to commit suicide at some point, because she couldn’t decide between who she truly loved or should be faithful to, her husband or the “stranger”.

4-At first, Anna was really cold to guys.She probably believed that they were like her husband.But, near the end of the story, She became very attached, and in love with the “stranger”, a man that she was not sure she wanted to be with at some point.